WS2812 LED Strip Controller

The unit is based on a PIC micro-controller from Mirochip and the HC06 Bluetooth module from Wavesen. This module is configured as a WS2812 LED Strip controller and is available on An Android app is also available for download from either NorseBridge or Amazon.

The WS2812 Controller Module has 7 ports featuring the JST B3B-ZR polarized header. Each port is identical and sends the same control command to its strip. Most LED strips use the JST-SM 3 jack as an interconnect. The Controller Module comes with one JST ZHR-3 to SM-3 plug adapter cable.

One to seven WS2812 LED Strips can be used with this module and the Mokungit brand is an acceptable choice.

The controller also requires a 2.1/5.5mm power adapter among which the ZIUMIER brand appears to be a good value.

Listed on

Title: WS2812 LED Strip Controller
Brand: NorseBridge
Manufacturer: NorseBridge
Manufacturer Part Number: P7-BT-WS2812
Power: +5 Vdc 0-3 Amps
Connector Gender: Female, 2.1/5.5mm
Network Connections: Bluetooth Wireless
Other Connnections: WS2812 control protocol