The CMDR™ Android App

The CMDR™ android app acts as remote control allowing the user to control a robot using a BlueTooth link.  But the app also has the ability to write programs in assembly language and download the programs to the CMDR™ PCB  permitting the user to change the robots functionality, add more hardware, and write device drivers for all the hardware while simultaneously testing the drivers.  It’s a complete development environment as well as a remote control device.

The app comes in the form of an “apk” file. Navigate ot the Download page to get a copy.

Because the download is not from an App Store, your phone will offer a caution and ask you to confirm. The authentic CMDR™ app is free and only available from It’s a secure site. After the download is complete your phone will ask if you wish to open and install it. Click install and run the app. The app needs to be installed to continue following this guide.