Android app for WS2812 control

Android app for basic control of the WS2812. There is a seekbar for each color of the LED. Alternatively there is a numeric input for each color that also re-positions draggable thumb. On the bottom of the screen the number of leds in the strip can be input. As the colors change the amount of current needed to drive the strip is continuously calculated.

The app in *.apk format is available for down load.
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Introducing the NorseBridge Bluetooth Programmable Controller

The unit uses the PIC16F1509 micro controller from Mirochip and the HC06 Bluetooth module from Wavesen. This combination used in conjunction with an Android App enables a user to configure many remote control functions from their Android Phone. Applications include robotics with stepper motor and servo motor control, remote sensing, remote switch, display driver, and many related functions all controlled from your phone.

The first application released for the module is as an LED Strip controller for the WS2812 RGB LED. The module will be available on soon. A free Android app will be available for download in the download section of this site.

WS2812 LED Strip Controller

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Title: WS2812 LED Strip Controller
Brand: NorseBridge
Manufacturer: NorseBridge
Manufacturer Part Number: P7-BT-WS2812
Power: +5 Vdc 0-3 Amps
Connector Gender: Female, 2.1/5.5mm
Network Connections: Bluetooth Wireless
Other Connnections: WS2812 control protocol